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Order tips:

Because the packing box length of 3.3w lamp exceeds the transportation limit. We will open and transform the box to meet the standard. However, please rest assured that it will not affect the normal use of the lamp.

Before pasting, tear off the film between the magnet and the lamp body.

Actual pictures taken

Human body intelligent induction lamp

• Full scene induction lighting, lighting up your life.

Ultra thin body, high sensitivity, high capacity battery.

Full house lighting

• Light up every corner you want.

The black shirt that can’t be found before an appointment, the glass of warm water that suddenly wants to get up late at night, the cluster of leafy greens that can’t be distinguished when cooking, don’t let the lack of light affect your play in life. Give life some more light, in a random corner, coming whenever you need it.

Thickness is thin

• Create more possibilities.

As thin as 1cm, it can realize concealed attached lighting everywhere. It is slim and can be easily placed in any place where you want light. It is thinner, more possible and more pleasant.

Intelligent judgment and operation

• Let light know you better.

By judging the ambient light and human activity, the induction light is turned on. When the ambient light is dark, the light will be turned on automatically when the human body moves. The light angle perception is 100 ° and the depth of field is 3M. When you get out of bed, pass through the corridor and open the wardrobe, the light will be there, so it is unnecessary to turn on and off manually. When people approach, the light will automatically light up, and turn off slowly 20 seconds after leaving. Follow your every step closely, and there will be light waiting for you wherever you go.

Black and white color matching

• Simple but not monotonous.

The simple color matching of black and white is more suitable for different household needs, and it can be matched with any place in the home to easily blend into the home light.

Rechargeable cable free

• Small body has large capacity.

The integrated structure of light and electricity eliminates the trouble of wiring in advance and looking for sockets. Compared with the conventional charging night lamp, the battery capacity is increased by more than 33%. Once charged, it can be used for two months continuously. It is easy to install, practical and durable.

– No wiring, large capacity battery, long standby.

*Note: take the 200 mm size lamp as an example, the frequency of use is less than or equal to 3 times a day, and each time is used for 20 seconds. It can be used continuously for two months without charging.

4000K warm white light

• Restore the nature of life.

The warm white light of 4000K is composed of two-color lamp beads, which is not dim and dazzling. It is the closest to the color temperature of sunlight in the morning. It is the proper comfortable light to restore the original color of life.

Versatile application

• Do what you want.

The slender plate design lengthens and enlarges the irradiation area, and flexible application brings more surprises to life. It also gives full play to imagination, more usage, more scenes and more surprises.

Detail analysis

• High quality aluminum
Tight, light, anti-corrosion and anti rust.

• Two installation methods
Magnet adsorption and hook installation
Magnets at both ends and hooks on top.

• High quality lighting
Each lamp bead is as low as 0.2W, and the light emitted is more detailed and there is no visible stroboscopic light.

Basic parameters

Product name: night light with human body induction
Product color: black, white
Product Size:
(Approximately) L200×W40×H10(MM)
(Approximately) L300×W40×H10(MM)
(Approx) L500×W40×H10(MM)
Control method: intelligent human body induction + light induction, long light switch.
Product material: aluminum+PC
Product light color: 4000K
Product light source: 1.2 watts 1.8 watts 3.3 watts
Battery capacity: 1000 mAh \ 1500 mAh \ 2000 mAh

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  • Brand Name: Xiaomi
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Lifespan: Rechargeable Large Capacity Lithium Battery
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Is Smart Device: No
  • Certification: CCC
  • Model Number: Mijia Motion Sensor Light
  • Is Dimmable: No
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Power Generation: light
  • Attribute 1: : Xiaomi Night Light For Home
  • Attribute 2: : Mijia LED Lamp
  • Attribute 3: : Xiaomi Youpin Wall Lamps
  • Scene: : Living Room, Bedroom, Children’s Room, Washroom,
  • Scope of application: : For Cabinet Wardrobe Porch Drawer Display Cabinet
  • Thickness: : Ultra Thin 1cm
  • Shape: : Rectangular Wall Lamp
  • Induction mode: : Motion Sensing and Light Sensing
  • Installation mode: : Suspension and Magnetic Suction
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